About PaidShare

PaidShare is a paid per download site that focuses on both the uploader and downloaders experience. The uploader will be given all the tools they need to maximize their earnings. Downloaders will be given the best opportunities to complete crediting offers to get to their downloads faster. Additional pieces are still being pieced together including features that are unique to PaidShare.

Make Money by Uploading Files

The concept of a paid per download site is simple. The uploader selects a file on their computer that they have the rights to share and upload it to the PaidShare server. After uploading, the user will receive a download link to advertise the file through social networking, email, personal websites, YouTube and any other appropriate non-spamming method allowed by a sites terms of use.

An interested downloader will open the link to begin the download process. They must select one of the five surveys provided to them in order to begin the download. Accurate information is to be used when completing offers. If one fails to unlock the download then the advertisers criteria have not been satisfied and they must pick another offer.

When a user finishes the download it means that I have been credited for the offer having been completed and your account will receive a minimum credit of $0.40 for United States and United Kingdom offers and a minimum of $0.25 for international offers.

PaidShare Just Launched July 28th!

  • Weekly payouts available
  • Automatic account approval
  • $0.71 average with major countries averaging much higher
Number of Members: 1344
Total Earnings: $13,336.63
Files Downloaded: 19923